Anti-Angiogenesis Compounds in Cancer

Name: Aamir Hussain Position: PhD Student & Part-Time Lecturer Faculty: Heath and Life Sciences Research Topic: Anti-Angiogenic Compounds in Cancer About Aamir Aamir Hussain is a very interesting individual, eloquent, intelligent and friendly. Aamir is part of a team that is developing … Continue reading

Water and Waterwaste Treatment

Name: Professor Katherine Huddersman Position: Professor of Enviromental Chemistry Faculty: Health and Life Sciences Research Topic: Chemical Treatment of Wastewater  About Professor Katherine Huddersman Professor Katherine Huddersman is Head of DMU’s Wastewater Treatment Research Group. As the head she conducts essential … Continue reading

Spanish Walks, Spicy Curries & Scientific Breakthroughs

Name: Professor Joan Taylor Position: Professor of Pharmaceutics Faculty: Health and Life Sciences Research Topic: Diabetes – Artificial Pancreas  About Professor Joan Taylor  Professor Joan Taylor has made an outstanding contribution to the world of science by developing an implantable artificial pancreas, writes DMU Graduate … Continue reading

Antibiotic Resistance and Microbiology

Name: Dr Katie Laird Position: Senior Lecturer, Microbiology Faculty: Health and Life Sciences Research Topic: Hospital Acquired Infections (HAIs) About Dr Katie Laird  Dr Katie Laird teaches both on the MPharm and Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Science BSc courses at DMU. … Continue reading