Impact of DMU research 

DMU-pancreas-London-609De Montfort University has a vision to place research excellence and innovation at the heart of its mission.

The SMART project aims to support that mission by connect the out-standing research at De Montfort University with the community. To achieve this aim, Square Mile employed over 40 Graduates from the university’s Graduate Champion Scheme to embark an a 6 week internship. The Interns were individually designated to academics and PhD Students and were solely responsible for creating innovative media to showcase the first-class research that is accomplished throughout De Montfort University.By navigating through the links on the SMART website you will be able to witness the impact of the research at De Montfort University.

You will be able to see how the research impact ranges from local to global, effecting communities, environment and health to businesses and economy. Overall, the research at De Montfort University is changing and developing people’s lives in a positive way. The measure of impact may vary and some cases can take  many years to become established, however, each individual impression created and constructed here at De Montfort is another step closer to ensuring a better and stronger societies throughout local, national and global areas.

In 2014 the REF, which is the UK-wide initiative to assess the quality of research in UK universities, reviewed that 74% of DMU’s research activities on real-life issues were judged to be world-leading or internationally excellent. This is a rise of 15 percent since the previous statement in 2008. This supports that our research impact is increasing and developing lives and areas surrounding the university whilst simultaneously enhancing De Montfort as a University as we were recently named the most-improved university in the UK according to the influential The Sunday Times league table.

Our research impact at De Montfort University is expanding. By utilising and sharing SMART we can show the world our impact, together.

DMU Vice Chancellor, Professor Dominic Shellard

“The S.M.A.R.T. project is just one example of how DMU supportVCs the public good through the application and dissemination of our world-leading research and the education of our diverse student population. It also demonstrates how DMU continues to use new and innovative initiatives to engage the local community in the work that we do, as well as showcasing the expertise and talent of our students and academic staff.

 In the Research Excellence Framework 2014, 74 percent of DMU’s research impact was assessed as being world-leading or internationally excellent – a clear indication that our university’s research has a beneficial effect on the economy, society and public services.

 I am particularly proud that the S.M.A.R.T. project is facilitated by over 40 Graduate Champions, who are undertaking work experience in the Square Mile team. The experience they will gain from working on this project allows them to apply knowledge gained during their degrees at DMU, learn new skills and make a difference to the local community.”