Pioneering Work in Holography

Name: Professor Martin Richardson Position: Professor of Holography Faculty: Technology Research Topic: Developing Holographic Light Guides About Professor Martin Richardson Professor Martin Richardson is a remarkable individual who has accomplished many brilliant achievements writes DMU Graduate Champion, Ahmed Hogsade. Professor Richardson … Continue reading

“Artificial Intelligence May End Our World, But That Is Not the Main Problem”

Name: Professor Mark Coeckelbergh Position: Professor of Technology and Social Responsibility Faculty: Technology Research Topic: Computer Ethics & Emerging Technology What does your research entail? Well, it involves thinking about the ethical aspects of new and emerging technologies in the … Continue reading

Spanish Walks, Spicy Curries & Scientific Breakthroughs

Name: Professor Joan Taylor Position: Professor of Pharmaceutics Faculty: Health and Life Sciences Research Topic: Diabetes – Artificial Pancreas  About Professor Joan Taylor  Professor Joan Taylor has made an outstanding contribution to the world of science by developing an implantable artificial pancreas, writes DMU Graduate … Continue reading

Fighting Cancer and Diabetes

Name: Dr Ketan Ruparelia Position: Research Assistant Faculty: Health and Life Sciences Research Topic: Cancer & Diabetes About Dr Ketan Ruparelia Dr Ketan Ruparelia has been an active research assistant within the De Montfort Leicester School of Pharmacy for 25 years … Continue reading