Using Social Media to Exploit Buildings Energy Usage

Richard Bull

Richard has been married for 18 years and has two children.

Name: Dr Richard Bull
Position: Principal Lecturer, Engineering & Sustainable Development
Faculty: Technology

Research Topic: Energy & Sustainable Development 

About Dr Richard Bull
Dr Richard Bull is the Deputy Head of School Engineering & Sustainable Development De Montfort University. He is also a module leader for Green Business and deputy module leader for People, Society and climate change. Dr Bull is responsible for the development of education for sustainable development in the faculty of technology and across the De Montfort campus. 

After completing his MA Richard worked in HR and became an Environmental manager for an SME that specialised in aerospace manufacture. During his years there he studied for his MBA part time, later moving on to complete his PhD and then progressed into working at De Montfort University. He started at De Montfort as a research fellow and from there led three JISC funded projects which used ICT to enable behaviour change. One of these projects led to a Green Gown Green ICT award for creating the Greenview project, which pioneered a new approach to energy visualisation through an iPhone application.

Dr Bull has achieved a BA and MA in Theology from the London School of Theology, an MBA from Nottingham Business School and a PhD from the University of Birmingham in Geography and Environmental Sciences.

About Dr Bull’s Research
Richards’s research interests involve public engagement and behaviour change. In recent years Richard has focused on merging these interests with energy and buildings after becoming part of the Institute of Energy and Sustainable Development. Richard is also interested in using social media to get further participation in exploiting the impact that the energy usage buildings have. By sharing these ideas and creating awareness tools for the public, Richard can begin to create a better learning and living environment.

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