Tackling Parkinson’s Disease

Adam Brown Name: Adam Brown
Position: Senior Lecturer, Speech & Language Therapy
Faculty: Health and Life Sciences

Research Topic: Parkinson’s Disease

About Adam Brown 
Adam Brown is a compassionate, driven and inspirational individual. He has been working within the faculty of Health and Life Sciences at De Montfort University for many years, and has become a valued member of the De Montfort family.

Adam completed a degree in English Literature and went on to teach English as a foreign language. Once he returned to the UK he re-trained as a language therapist due to his interest in teaching and language and desired to combine the two factors together at higher education. This then lead Adam to teaching Speech and Language Therapy at De Montfort University, focusing on areas,
such as: motor disorders, cognitive psychology, clinical reasoning, acquired dyslexia and dysgraphia.

Research Aim
Adam began his PhD research at the university in 2006. He focused his work onto Motor Speech Disorders, specifically exploring Parkinson’s disease. The aim of Adam’s work was to explore the effects that speech impairments have on an individual and the impact it has
over their social network including social activities and levels of social anxiety.

Adam has achieved research that has not yet been done. He has collected data that will develop a more comprehensive approach to an assessment for an individual with speech difficulties that stem from Parkinson’s disease. Since embarking on his PhD journey, Brown has been published in several papers, with the majority of them focusing on the social aspects of communication in Parkinson’s disease.

Next Step for Adam’s Research
The next step forward for Adam Brown is to consider social impairments alongside Social capital. He wishes to explore similar ideas in relation to individuals with other types of acquired communication problems. Brown would like to research people with a stammer or possibly individuals who are affected by dysphonia. He is interested in investigating changes in the voice, changes in the fluency and exploring where people have experienced radical changes to communication, due to illness, such as cancer of the larynx.

If you could go back in time, who would you most like to meet?
John Ruskin, the art critique. I would be very interested to know what he was really like.

What is your favourite book?Adam Brown 2
Favourite Book is Water land by Graham Swift. It is a very compelling book, I must have read it three times.

Adam’s Overall Message:
Even small changes to people’s communication has a profound impact on them as individuals, so it is important for everybody to understand and be compassionate towards that.




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