Feminism: Why are things the way they are?

Name: Claire Sedgwick
Position: PhD Student
Faculty: Technology

Research Area: Feminism

Throughout Claire’s life she has always questioned and looked for answers as to why things are the way they are, writes DMU Graduate Champion, Sadé Okayla Roache. This mentality led her to gain academic interests in feminism which began to grow after reading work by Elizabeth Bishop and Sylvia Plath when she studied English Literature at Northumbria University.

Claire’s passion for feminism led her to starting a PhD here at DMU. She chose to focus her PhD on the second and third wave of the feminist movement. She identified it as an area that has not been given enough recognition and as a result many of the feminists of today may not be acquainted with the history of feminism. She is also interested in researching how feminism (and consequently anti–feminism) utilises the internet.

As a result of what she has researched so far, Claire’s aim is to make the information she has collected more readily available to other feminists and the general public.


Activities: Presenting at conferences such as, Consol-ing Passions (2013) and the Riot Girl Conference at the University of Limerick (2013).

Societies: She is a part of the Fawcett Society.

Main Inspiration:Though Claire says many different people including feminists inspire her, she explains that Amy Poehler is her main inspiration due to her honesty and outspokenness.

Hobbies: Knitting, reading, running and writing.

Travel Aspirations: Paris and Amsterdam.

Life Aspiration: Claire’s aspiration is to be an academic and to carry on expanding her current research whilst also teaching the topic of feminism.

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