Investigating the IPCC

steve christopherName: Stephen Christopher

Position: PhD Student & Part-Time Lecturer
Faculty: Health and Life Sciences

Research Topic:
Effectiveness and Legitimacy of IPCC

Research Aim
Stephen also aims to explore why hard to reach communities within British society are reluctant to make complaints against the police. Steve says “the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) was established, as the latest incarnation, to conduct impartial investigations into allegations of misconduct and criminality against the police. Recent events have focussed the spotlight upon the IPCC as to its capacity to undertake complex sensitive and protracted investigations into the police. These concerns arise in the form of three challenges – independence, staff resources, and investigative expertise”.

About Stephen Christopher 
Steve’s research is inspired by his 30 year experience within the police service; he worked in South Wales Police from 1978 till 2008 at various ranks in the CID retiring as a detective chief inspector,writes DMU Graduate Champion Zelan Kader. In 2009, Steve became a senior lecturer at City University where he designed and developed the MSc in investigative science. He then started lecturing at De Monfort University in 2013; Steve delivers lectures on Policing and Criminal Investigation alongside his PhD research. Steve also has an investigative consultancy where he examines, deconstructs and analyses criminal and civil cases. In this regard, one of his keen interests is miscarriages of justice and he works pro-bono with the University of Leicester miscarriages of justice team.

What year were you born?
1955. 60 this year – easy paper round!!

Where were you born?
Pontypridd, S. Wales

How many children do you have?
2 girls – gosh, they are expensive!! My eldest has two degrees in law and animal science and was training to be a vet but broke her neck horse riding. The younger has a first in textiles for fashion and is currently training to be a teacher.

What are you most proud of in your life?
Seeing my daughters have the same determination to do as best they can whatever the difficulties.

What is your favourite movie?
Italian Job – the original, of course, with Michael Caine.

If you could be a superhero who would you be and be why?
Batman – cleaning up Gotham City. That is why I joined the police service – on a mission for the community. I am still like that with my consultancy work dealing with miscarriages of justice. I do not like discrimination and injustice.

If you were invisible for one day what would you do?
I thought about this for a long time and could not come up with an answer that would not trivialise the question. It demonstrates I have very little imagination and, sadly, live in a world of pragmatic realities as opposed to escaping to a wonderful world of wishful dreams, fantasy and chimera.

Which living person do you most admire?
A collection of people – those imprisoned for crimes they have not committed. Try to imagine what it must be like!!

What football team do you support, if any?
Liverpool. But being Welsh, rugby is my sport and passion.

If you could be prime minster what one thing would you change?
Provide equal opportunity for everyone to realise their potential.



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