Founder of Five Praises Project

Carol Sutton jpg Name: Dr Carole Sutton
Position: Founder of Five Praises Project
Faculty: Parenting Studies

Research Topic: Children Psychology & Behaviour

About Five Praises 
Dr Sutton’s campaign stemmed from the research work she carried out during her PhD studies. Whilst working with individual families and children Carole realised that children with major behavioural and emotional problems is a national concern and support was desperately needed to assist the children and parents.

Research Findings
Carole’s research showed that giving positive feedback to the children when they are behaving well, made it more likely that they would continue their positive behaviour. Also, as numerous children needed that attention from their parents, Carole believed that a campaign such as the ‘Five Praises’ was needed. Hence, the project began along with a simple card method. This served as a reminder for parents to praise their child and use the card to note down their appreciation during the week.

Next step for Five Praises Project 
Dr Sutton has revealed her plans to take this campaign further and work alongside Dr Erica Kucharczyk, who is the future behind this project, and Dr Mark Scase a principle lecturer in Health & Life Sciences. Together they will produce an app on a smartphone to help the development of children. Erica believes that an app can do much more and can reach people on a wider scale. Erica states that it is a self-monitoring tool for parents and caregivers and will provide motivational support and reward points to the parents when the praising has been completed. She will also be using gamification theory, a technique that involves utilising the idea that makes games addictive. This theory may encourage parents to praise their children more and allow them to gain the rewards that are offered via the app as well as having the reward of the child behaving and feeling psychologically well.


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