Fighting Cancer and Diabetes


Name: Dr Ketan Ruparelia
Position: Research Assistant
Faculty: Health and Life Sciences

Research Topic: Cancer & Diabetes

About Dr Ketan Ruparelia
Dr Ketan Ruparelia has been an active research assistant within the De Montfort Leicester School of Pharmacy for 25 years now, and in that time has achieved endless accolades, writes DMU Graduate Champion, Luisa Chiswell.

Research Area:
Dr Ruparelia is a very passionate individual who works exceedingly hard to try and support the quality of life for cancer patients.He achieves this through his research into cancer including the design and development of anticancer drugs produced in the laboratory.This includes the design and synthesis of novel prodrugs targeted towards CYP1B1, an aromatic hydroxylase specifically expressed in all tumour samples investigated to date, but not in normal somatic tissues.

Dr Ruparelia is also involved in a project with Diabetes UK and the Square Mile team. This project is about exploring if any individuals with diabetes were using complementary alternative medicines as well as diabetic medicine. This aim of this project is to enhance the awareness of DMU Square Mile Community with regard to the use of home remedies to self-treat  diabetes and how this might impact upon the benefits of prescribed anti-diabetic medicines.

Dr Ruparelia continual hard-work is revealed by his recent OSCAR award that he received in 2012 for outstanding contribution to research excellence. His OSCAR shows that his ongoing research is aiding the cancer research field and as a result he is being noticed by the wider community.Being an actively productive person has enabled Dr Ruparelia to showcase himself and his incredible work professionally to an array of audiences. This allows everyone to understand and recognise his work into cancer and appreciate his accomplishments into the research area.

Organisations: He is involved in many different organisations for instance; he is a member of the British and European Association for Cancer Research and The Royal Society of Chemistry.

Publications: Dr Ruparelia has produced many publications with his most recent being, Phytoestrogens as natural prodrugs in cancer prevention: towards a mechanistic model he has also been involved in many conference presentations promoting his findings and work.

Qualifications: PhD in Medicinal Chemistry alongside with his Masters and Bachelor degrees in science.

Aspirations: Dr Ruparelia is a very pleasant and humble individual who aspires to continue to produce research that will be beneficial to cancer and cancer sufferers which could consequently help millions of individuals and change lives.

Hobbies: He loves to travel around the world and enjoys sampling international cuisine. He likes listening to music and has a growing passion for gardening and card-making. Ketan also enjoys reading, playing badminton and swimming.

In his spare time he successfully organised a charity fundraising cultural event for the Asia Earthquake (DEC), which is also a great achievement and has helped fundraising activities at his children’s school




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