FGM – Gender Inequality

Paris Connolly

Paris received her first class honours degree in July 2013 from De Montfor

Name: Paris Connolly
Position: PhD Student
Faculty: Health and Life Sciences

Research Topic: Female Genital Mutilation (FGM)

About Paris
Paris Connolly is  a talented young lady who is currently undertaking a PhD in FGM  at the age of 22. Paris completed her A levels and decided that she wanted to attend university. She decided to study Health Studies and successfully graduated with a first class honours degree in July 2013 at De Montfort. This has been Paris’ biggest achievement to date, and one she is very proud of. 

About Paris’ Research 
Paris is now determined to complete her PhD. The topic of her research is exploring gender inequalities, specifically exploring women’s and men’s perspectives and experiences of Female Genital Cutting.

Work Alongside Paris’ PhD 
Paris is also a part of Global Hands and has published two books as a publishing manager. She has recently visited Gambia where she was a group leader on an intense week long programme, where she was responsible for a group of students from De Montfort.  In addition to this, Paris is also a part of De Montfort University Reproduction Research Group, which she thoroughly enjoys.

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