Ethical Questions of ICT

tumblr_inline_nip8y7IsNk1qchgbhName: Professor Bernd Stahl

Position: Director of the Center for Computing and Social Responsibility
Faculty: Technology

Research Topic: Ethics of ICT

About Professor Bernd Stahl
Professor Bernd Stahl is the Professor of Critical Research in Technology as well as the Director of the Centre for Computing and Social Responsibility at De Montfort University, writes DMU Graduate Champion, Harry Mullet.  

His research interests cover philosophical issues arising from the intersections of business, technology, and information. This includes ethical questions of current and emerging ICTs, critical approaches to information systems and issues related to responsible research and innovation.

Professor Bernd Stahl states that his ‘research is underpinned by the principle that technology is not a value per se. Technology aims to achieve particular functions or purposes and therefore needs to be capable of being assessed with regards to these purposes. More importantly, these purposes and functions need to be open to debate and questioned.’

What is the aim of your research?
To ensure that research, technology and innovation make the world a better place, rather than a worse one.

Who will benefit from your research?
Researchers in the area of computing / ICT will benefit from my work, but also civil society in general.

What is the reason for your interest in this research area?
My interest is due to the potential that technology research can have positive as well as negative impacts.

Professor Bernd Stahl personal comment:
The CCSR (, is the centre that I direct. It is a leading group in the area of computing and its social and ethical consequences. We are contributing to current developments in responsible research and innovation in the UK and Europe.

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