Education of Children in Care

Angela O'sullivan

Angela is a proud holder of a Teacher Fellowship

Name: Dr Angela O’Sullivan
Position: Head of Widening Participation
Faculty: Health and Life Sciences

Research Topic: Widening Participation

About Dr O’Sullivan
Dr O’Sullivan embarked onto a Science degree at the former Leicester Polytechnic. After successfully completing the degree went onto a PhD in Plant Molecular Biology.She then discovered her real passion for life when she began teaching disadvantaged and underrepresented groups in FE colleges and in a prison. She realised the true scale of the inequality regarding educational opportunities for those in less advantaged circumstances. Since then,Dr O’Sullivan has devoted her career to identifying and removing educational barriers, widening the availability of higher education to a whole range of unseen talent.

Research Area
Dr O’Sullivan has taught a wide variety of sciences ranging from bio-medical, forensics, and audiology through to human communication and sport sciences however, her main research focus is diversity and inclusivity within Higher Education. She is thoroughly interested in raising the aspirations of children in care. In this field she has made numerous contributions including several publications identifying the problems faced in education by those in care and outlining solutions to be accepted by schools and local governments. Dr Angela O’Sullivan’s work has been featured at national and international conferences where she has creatively presented her research in interactive workshops to demonstrate educational inequalities.

In recognition of her accomplishments, in 2009 Dr O’Sullivan was awarded the prestigious University Teacher Fellowship. Most recently she has also been awarded a Senior Fellowship of the Higher Education Academy and has been appointed Chair of the Leicestershire Branch of the British Science Association.

She is also a reviewer for British Adopting & Fostering Journal and a Buttle UK Champion, the largest charity in the UK providing education grants to less fortunate children. She has been a STEM ambassador for over a decade, inspiring thousands of young people.

Next Step for Dr O’Sullivan’s Research
Dr O’sullivan remains the Head of Widening Participation in the faculty of Health & Life Sciences at DMU where her continuing efforts to break down the barriers in education faced by those of a less fortunate background is a profound testament to De Montfort’s commitment to ensuring equal opportunities and inclusivity for students from

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