Creating a Smart Phone App for Shakespeare

Gabriel EganName: Professor Gabriel Egan
Position: Professor of Shakespeare Studies
Faculty: Art, Design & Humanities

Research Topic: Mobile App ShaLT (Shakespearean London Theatres)

About Professor Gabriel Egan 
Professor Gabriel Egan is the Director of the Centre of Textual Studies (CTS).  He has put in a great deal of work into the CTS where they have created digital editions of literary/historical texts based on manuscripts in their original forms and language styles, making them available to readers in many forms both digitally and printed. He began his academic journey by studying English Literature at Goldsmiths’ College. He then went on to purse a Master’s Degree in Shakespearian Studies and is now a Shakespearian Scholar.

Current Research 
In recent years Professor Egan has worked on a mobile app called ShaLT (Shakespearean London Theatres).  Alongside Professor Andrew Gurr and a team of digital experts, an app was created to guide the user around London on a walking tour, telling the stories of a multitude of locations. There is also a website where you can access printable maps and watch videos and download information on each location that is featured on the app.  The purpose of the app is to tell the untold stories of the lesser-known theatres of London and to dispel certain myths about the theatres in Shakespeare’s time.

Recent Achievement
His most recent achievement is being made a National Teaching Fellow of the Higher Education Academy in recognition of more than a decades worth of work in applying technology to literary studies.

Professor Egan has a real passion for his work and he is completely devoted to it as a way of life.  If ever he takes a break from his love of Shakespeare, you may find him taking a long stroll in the countryside.

Professor Egan states that Jerry Sokol is one of his inspirations for continuing Shakespearian Studies as well as his PhD supervisor Professor Stanely Wells and collegue Andrew Gurr.

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