Anti-Angiogenesis Compounds in Cancer

Aamir HussainName: Aamir Hussain

Position: PhD Student & Part-Time Lecturer
Faculty: Heath and Life Sciences

Research Topic: Anti-Angiogenic Compounds in Cancer

About Aamir
Aamir Hussain is a very interesting individual, eloquent, intelligent and friendly. Aamir is part of a team that is developing cures for cancer that will eventually eradicate the depilating side-effects of conventional cancer treatments. Aamir’s is a passion and intellect has led to a PHD scholarship, a part-time teaching position and regarded highly as a key member of DMU Square Mile and all by the age of 21. Aamir completed his Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Biomedical Science and achieved First Class Honours and completed his dissertation on anti-angiogenic therapy in 2014. He also took part in a Front Runner placement in the same labs he now uses for his PHD.

Research Area
He is now focusing on his PHD, to create ‘novel anti-angiogenic compounds’ with the aim of battling a wide range of aggressive tumours safely and effectively.

Aim of Research
Aamir is part of a team, including Dr Ketan Ruparelia and Dr Laurice Fretwell, and together their aim is to accomplish cutting edge research into the battle with cancer and study the effects of Anti-Angiogenesis. Anti-angiogenesis is a way of treating illnesses by removing the blood vessels supplying diseased areas, such as cancers, with nutrients and room to grow.

Current Research
Currently, Aamir is in the process of creating organic compounds that potentially hold the anti-angiogenic property. His aim is to create compounds that will replace those already in use. Existing research has led to the creation of a range of effective anti-cancer drugs however, these can have sever side-effects. Hussain is working on creating cures tailored to tumours which reduce side-effects and consequently, increase effectiveness. This research is important due to its potential to target tumours directly which will effectively kill cancer and produce minimal side-effects. Furthermore, this research will hopefully open doors for research applications into further anti-angiogenesis such as fighting arthritis and diabetes.

Alongside Current Research
Through his position as a part-time lecturer and a DMU frontrunner in medical chemistry, Aamir also supervises Final Year Pharmacy students on their research projects on a weekly basis. As well as these academic accomplishments and commitments, Aamir is also an active member of DMU Square Mile. His contribution and involvement has led to him being awarded an ‘Outstanding Achievement Award’. As a member of square mile he was part of the Diabetes campaign, eventually becoming a volunteer for Diabetes UK. As a result of this and his work in the stem cell drive, Aamir was selected by the Manager of Square Mile to act as an ambassador and represent Square Mile in radio interviews and other events. Aamir has featured as a key-notes speaker at the HLS PAVE conference 2014 and a featured presenter to the CEO of UCAS. Alongside his work as a researcher, lecturer and ambassador for Square Mile, Aamir is also a dedicated football coach for the Hamilton Football Club. He helps and advises the players on how to improve their performance for a variety of age groups.

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