Pioneering Work in Holography


Professor Richardson gained the world’s first PhD in Display Holography!

Name: Professor Martin Richardson
Position: Professor of Holography
Faculty: Technology

Research Topic:
Developing Holographic Light Guides

About Professor Martin Richardson
Professor Martin Richardson is a remarkable individual who has accomplished many brilliant achievements writes DMU Graduate Champion, Ahmed Hogsade. Professor Richardson is one of the first individual’s in the world to have been awarded a PhD in display holography. He has become a leading specialist in Holograms and is regarded as a pioneer of his field.

Martin studied a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Art at Middlesex University from 1977 to 1981 during which he made his first holograms at Goldsmiths University. He studied a Master’s Degree in photography and holography at The Royal College of Art (1984-86), where he continued his work and in 1988 was awarded the world’s first PhD in Holographic Imaging, exhibiting his first series of Pulsed Holograms.

After his PhD in Holographic Imaging, Professor Richardson went on to take up a role as Creative Development Manager at Third Dimensions Limited (1988-92) developing mass replication techniques for film holography. In 1992, he took on an identical role with Light Impressions Europe PLC where he trained in embossing techniques for security holography before going on to start his own company, The Holographic Image Studio Ltd. The work done at The Holographic Image Studio Ltd (1994) centred around recording large format display holograms in exhibitions globally and developed micro-lens lenticular technology for the advertising industry.

During these years he was awarded the Millennium Fellowship by the UK millennium Government Commission in 1999 and was awarded the Shearwater Foundation Award for Achievements in Holography in 2002.

Professor Richardson’s Research
In 2005-07, Martin Richardson became a Senior Research Fellow in imaging Communication design at De Montfort University. Successfully completing two industry Knowledge Transfer Partnerships and publishing his first book ‘Spacebomb: Holograms & Lenticulars 1980-2000‘. He continued on at De Montfort University and achieved Associate Membership to the Royal Photographic Society as well as being awarded the ‘Saxby’ medal for his contributions to 3-D imaging. He is currently De Montfort University’s Professor of Modern Holography leading the Holographic Research Centre and is conducting his research in developing holographic light guides, having successfully pushed a new patent though just two weeks ago. Professor Martin Richardson ‘pushes the envelope’ in the field of Holography. He tries to enthuse this to his students conveying to them a strong sense to pursue their passions telling them

“You have to pursue your dream, don’t let anyone wave you from that path because it is your life and amazing things happen along that road.”


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